things dad says

The following are some real things my dad has said since coming to Des Moines:

“It’s so tiny!” (regarding my apartment)

“I’m going to put her in my suitcase and take her home.” (regarding Lily the cat)

“I can see why you love it here.” (regarding DSM)

“So on Paleo you can’t have cereal?” (same question twice regarding the Paleo diet)

“Everybody is good looking.” (overheard during a phone conversation regarding people in DSM)

“So apparently tall boots are in?” (that one’s pretty clear)


i work out.

Hey, guys!  Remember that time I did a Whole30?  Yeah, me too.  It was so great, I’m doing another one for the month of October.  This time I have some company, though.

You guys know I’ve boo-hooed about my lack of motivation with exercise.  For so long I thought, ‘if I’m not a runner then I don’t know what I could do’.  I finally found what I can do if I’m not a runner.  I’ve been going to MaxLife for about three months (has it been that long?) and it’s perfect for me!  I’m learning how to be strong from the inside out.  If I had to describe it, I’d say it’s P90X meets Cross-Fit with less TRX and more kettle bells.  They’re short, effective, muscle confusion workouts and I feel a strong sense of community and accountability with the men and women I go to class with.  This Whole30 is a gym-wide thing so I have support with my friends, gym-mates and co-workers.