radio silence

Hey, guys! If you’re still out there, that is. I have been a terrible blogger lately so let me go ahead and offer up some excuses (my favorite,┬áremember) as to why. I intended on writing while I was home in Cleveland for two weeks for work, but every time I thought about it something else came up.

The thing is, I haven’t done anything spectacular lately. In fact, despite potential evidence to the contrary, nothing exceptional has even happened lately. I haven’t even managed to finish a good book. It’s been a pretty lame couple of months. I’m at a complete and utter lack of inspiration.

I just wanted you all to know I haven’t forgotten about this little place. We’re at that point in the year where we’re approaching my favorite season and cabin fever (aka winter blahs) hasn’t yet set in. I’ll be back soon and dazzle you with something that makes you forget about my little sabbatical.

Meantime, here are some other things I haven’t done while I was “gone”: wrote a book; cooked something awesome; run a marathon; bought a dog; gone to Europe; seen a live football game; started a home brewery or become a professional photographer.