stuff I love: the home office edition

You guys!  I’m going to try a photo post and see if it works.

What better intro to photo posts than to show you a few things that I’m currently loving.  I’ve been lusting after many of the items from west elm.  They’re mostly all centered around the Parsons Desk, which I have to convince myself on a regular basis I shouldn’t buy.  I would love all these items and they’d make the perfect home office!

This is the Parsons Desk.  The most perfect desk.  It’s the cornerstone of my home office.


Then we have the chair.  I like the pattern on the left.  It looks perfectly comfortable for hours of blogging for you all, friends.


A little bit of a shelf for my many, many, many, many books.


And the rug to tie it all together… grey chevron with a touch of mustard.


Okay, okay… the mirror is a tad unnecessary, but it goes with the desk!



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