If you’re not, you should

Truth: I really enjoy TV.

I’m so dedicated to the cause that I have Netflix, HuluPlus and Apple TV (where I can rent seasons from iTunes).  However, lately I’ve been experiencing a TV lull.  I haven’t been as interested in what’s on.  My HuluPlus queue is backing up from unwatched episodes… with the exception of Downton Abbey, I’m bored.  It seems all my favorite shows have irritated me in some way because the plot lines are getting tired; some stuff I used to enjoy is currently off the air.  I’ve seen almost every episode of Top Gear so there’s nothing new happening there (correction: shout-out to the hilarious season premiere last night!!).

That boredom was recently cured by watching all of Season One of Homeland.  People, if you’re not watching this – you should be.  From the very first few moments, I was hooked.  I’ve not been under a rock – I know the cast has been applauded and awards have been won for its brilliance, I just don’t pay for Showtime so I never paid much attention.  I won’t go crazy on the plot details so that I don’t give away any spoilers but Claire Danes cries a lot and it’s really convincing.  And Damian Lewis is brilliant and his story gets so much deeper as the season progresses.  Even his annoying daughter gets me riled up.  And Mandy Patinkin… don’t even get me started (a-mazing).

Seriously, if that’s the kind of programming Showtime is turning out, I’m all.for.it.  So get out there and buy Season One of Homeland  and watch it in three days (the ONLY reason it was three days for me is because I have a job which required me to be off the couch and away from the television).


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