What I’m Reading Now

I like to make sure I keep my mind as sharp as possible by reading regularly.  Yes, I sometimes get sucked into the vortex that is television but I always turn back to a book (or seven) before too long.  I’ve recently discovered the brilliance that is the Des Moines Public Library.  As a consequence, I am (like most people – surely) reading several books at once.  The following is a list of my current reading material.  

Laura Hillenbrand – Unbroken – So far it’s amazing.  And I know very little about WWII so it’s a bit of an education.  Plus the guy was an Olympic Runner.

Growing a Farmer – Kurt Timmermeister & The Dirty Life – Kristin Kimball – Because I want to be these people (see aforementioned dreams of being an urban farmer).

WordPress for Dummies – You *know* why…

The Leopard – Jo Nesbo 

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – Jenny Lawson – Because there’s a mouse on the cover… and it’s hilarious.


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