nocturnal habits of cats

Guys, it has seriously been so hot outside.  My sister thought I was joking when I told her we’ve been battling a heatwave.  I’m for reals.

See, it's hot.

See, it’s hot.

I may have mentioned (via different social media outlets, certainly and by word of mouth) that I don’t have central air in my apartment.  Apparently, when one wants an apartment that’s full of character and charm, central air is one of the sacrifices one must make and we’re currently experiencing one late, hot summer.  I have one window unit and it’s in the living room area.  I’ve optimistically pointed a fan toward my bed in my bedroom and left the window open.  Unfortunately, it’s still too hot to sleep in my bed so I’ve been sleeping on the couch.  Really though, it’s more like a loveseat because even my 5’4″ frame is too long and my feet hang off.  It’s been a bit of a learning—my sleeping on the loveseat.  Mostly, though, I’ve picked up on the nocturnal habits of my two cats.  Mild mannered and sweet by day, they turn into jerks at night.  Thinking about that, I realized that I’ve never introduced you all to my cats.  I started this blog with one cat and agonized about a second.  I’ve spared you all this entry for some time now… I can spare you no longer.

Before I become that girl of “cat lady” fame, let me tell you that I actually really love dogs.  My coworkers can tell you—I Google pictures of Corgis, Frenchies and sighthounds all day long.  Cats are just easier to take care of than dogs (especially in aforementioned oven-like apartments of character).


My first cat, Remy came from a litter of kittens my dad’s street cat delivered.  Remy had several brothers and sisters and when I picked her out initially, she was supposed to be a boy.  When she was finally ready to be away from her mom, my dad made the two hour trek north with a little baby Remy riding shotgun for me.  After some serious clean up and early traumatization by flea baths and oil dips, we settled into a routine.  However, it wasn’t until I packed up all our stuff and made Remy my co-pilot for our 10 hour drive to Des Moines that we really became friends.  I agonized about the decision to get another cat (for all the obvious reasons) but I could tell that she was lonely…

Baby Remy

Baby Remy


Remy and the (late) jingle bird

Remy and the (late) jingle bird


Remy. Enjoys: doing whatever she wants whenever she wants, sleeping in the window, eating, sitting on my chest at 5 a.m. and generally being wide awake when I want to sleep.


… so I decided to start looking around at the Des Moines Animal Rescue League for a possible friend for Remy.  I looked a lot, you guys.  A lot.  When I found Lily online I saw something in her face.  She looked perfect for us (even though she was a hairy beast).  Thankfully, I had Gina (one of my amazing co-worker friends) to help support me when it came down to finally going to check her out (I may have said “we’re just looking.  I’m not getting a cat today.”)  I have such a heart for animals that I’d love to have a farm and adopt them all.  Long story short, I went back and picked her up that same day.  Bringing her into our home was really difficult.  After some time passed, I was afraid there would never be peace; I worried they’d never get along.  I definitely over-celebrated every hiss-less sniff.  It took a while, but Remy and Lily eventually became best friends.  She is the perfect fit and I’m so thankful for her sweet disposition and willingness to be Remy’s playmate.





Like a boss.

Like a boss.


Lily. Enjoys: sleeping upside down, kicking her legs out behind her while relaxing, drinking out of any sink, playing in the bathtub, and generally laying/playing/chilling where she doesn't belong.

Lily. Enjoys: sleeping upside down, kicking her legs out behind her while relaxing, drinking out of any sink, playing in the bathtub, and generally laying/playing/chilling where she doesn’t belong.


Truth is, at night, these two are jerks.  They knock my sunglasses off the entertainment center, knock my actual glasses off the coffee table, play with my jewelry *on* my jewelry tree, eat any applicable Apple cords, fight, walk on me and cause destruction.  I hope there’s a break in the weather soon so I can enjoy the comfort of my bed and maybe get a little restful sleep.


They look all sweet and cute. But they're not.

They look all sweet and cute. But they’re not.




what’s going on?


I have to tell you, time has completely escaped me lately!  I had to make an unexpected trip back to Ohio last week on the heels of my extensive vacation while Rach was in town.  My grandpa passed away so my mom flew me home so I was able to be with my family.  While it’s never easy in those situations of loss and mourning, it sure was good to see my family.  I just wanted to give you all a quick little update to keep the blog momentum going!

The National : I am supremely obsessed with them lately.  As the self-proclaimed queen of melancholy music I don’t know how I wasn’t a groupie before now.  I say that because I have ‘High Violet’ on repeat and I’m pretty sure it’s very two-years-ago.  Bloodbuzz Ohio was my theme song on the trip home.

Orange Leaf : I am thisclose to needing an intervention.  It’s right around the corner from my apartment and that spells danger.

Family : So I was home for my grandpa’s funeral recently and my sister and I stumbled on a treasure trove of family goodies.  There were some old pictures of my grandma from when she was a girl and I found myself getting lost in them.  They were just black and whites but she was such a lovely girl.  I got lost in the idea of the picture-taking itself.  Those photos were simply a moment in time, captured on film back in the 30’s and 40’s.  They are surprisingly special to me.  We also found our great-grandma’s journals from the 80’s and 90’s.  I was able to see another side of her that I was too young to know.  She was as pure as the driven snow.  I think about my own journals/diaries and how they’re loaded up with feelings and desperate attempts to sort myself out.  Hers were so much more of the day-to-day activities and had such little family gossip and really focused on her hopes for her loved ones.  Seems I get my optimism affliction honestly.

Shoes : Okay, this one is less of a proper “update” but I got myself some new running shoes today.  The last time I went running I had foot pain (what’s that about?!  Certainly not that I’m the 3-0).  We’ll give those little babies a try when we stop getting this monsoon that’s forecasted for the next two days.

Remy : I’m starting to get the distinct feeling that she’s lonely.  For the first time last night, since we moved in to our place, I caught her playing.  The rest of the time she’s hiding in the closet, looking out the window by the bed or following me around.  I’m considering getting another cat.  Be warned: I’m dangerously close to being a cat-lady based on my ‘cat to square footage’ ratio.

Reading : I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire on this one.  I just finished an amazing book called “One Last Thing Before I Go” by Jonathan Tropper.  Amazing.  I’m also reading the new Gwyneth Paltrow Cookbook, Unbroken (still), Love 2.0, A New Earth, and another Jonathan Tropper book.

Looking forward to : warmer weather that motivates me to get out of bed early, organizing my kitchen, the new National album, learning how to use my new digital-I’m-a-real-photographer-camera (!!!), and maybe trying out Cross-Fit.  I’ve been getting that summertime feeling of wanting to learn something new.  Last week it was playing the drums, this week it’s knitting.  I can assure you, I have enough to learn on my plate (um, WordPress, still) but I’m hoping to channel my creativity into something.

Lastly, I am loving my Olive Button earrings.  I have mustard and chambray and am eyeing the gray chevron to add to my burgeoning collection.

Whew.  That was a lot of stuff but I’m glad we’re all caught up, you guys.

Greetings, from corn country!

Hi there, friends!  Yay me; I made the move from Blogger to WordPress and things are feeling pretty fresh over here.

Heads up that I’ll be learning how to use WordPress as we go, so these first few posts will be missing things (like photos) that I normally like to cram in my posts.

Let me start by explaining my chosen title: a girl called ryan.  For those of you I’m meeting for the first time, my name is Ryan.  And I’m a girl.  I like to say that my mom was a pioneer to name me something like “Ryan” in the 80’s when it was still cool for girls to have girl names.  It’s one of the most unique things about me and it’s something that I get commentary on alllllllll the time (“Oh!  I expected you to be a boy!”).

I’ve recently become a resident of Des Moines which is where most of my stories will come from.  A fun fact about Iowa that I find completely fascinating is their dedication to corn.  (You should probably know at this point that I have desperate aspirations to be an urban farmer.)  For example, on Saturday I took a different way to work.  I wanted to get a sandwich and a coffee from Panera and there’s only one “on my way” to work and it’s a town and a half away, in Johnston.  I ended up going the long way around by the DuPont/Pioneer buildings.  Pioneer is the super seed company here and the long way around took me right by their corn test fields.  People, it’s serious business.  I wanted to pull over and check out the buildings where they were, presumably, growing corn in the winter.

In addition to WordPress, we’ll be learning about Des Moines together.  I like to talk about food, so you’ll probably hear about that a lot.  I’m constantly trying to be a runner (we’re going on 11 years now on and off), so you’ll hear about that too.  I have big plans for us, friends.  Oh – and I’m sorry in advance for talking too much about my cat, Remy, but she is pretty much the coolest cat (okay, she’s totally not).

I’m already coming up with some new posts, so you’ll be hearing from me soon.