This week I celebrate my 32nd year.  Whew.

I realize I don’t have much of a right to complain about forehead lines, the need for botox, and suddenly being concerned about how much harder it is to lose weight now that I’m “in my 30’s”.

In typical birthday fashion, I spent a bit of time this weekend reflecting on my life; the past year’s accomplishments and not-so-accomplishments, my journey up to now and where things are headed as I move forward.  While my life really doesn’t look much like what I had *planned* I have to say I am really healthy with myself and really happy with how things have taken shape.

I heard from at least a handful of people that life in your 30s is really much more liberating than life in your 20s.  You spend less time figuring yourself out and more time embracing who you are.  So far, that’s true for me.  I’ve really learned what’s important to me and how to stand up for it.  I have waaaaaay more confidence than I thought could be possible and I’ve really learned (and embraced!) a new way of opening myself to people.

I’ve definitely come a long way from where I’ve been and I understand very well there will be unplanned twists and turns ahead for me.  I think—if anyone cares for my 32-years-wise “lessons”— the *secret* for managing this sometimes messy thing called life might be embracing those opportunities (aka risks) that find you.  Having guts (and a super hard work ethic—thanks parents!) has benefitted me so much more than I can adequately express.

Thank you friends and family for being a very important part of 32 years worth of lessons for me.  I’ll raise my glass and toast you all.


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