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Hey guys!  I’m back, as promised, to let you all in on a little news.  First, an “I’m sorry” to those friends and family who already know about this cause it’s not really news then in which case you’re bound to be disappointed.

For the rest of you, without further ado… guess who’s having a baby (!!!!)

photo 1

This girl.

Yes, that’s right, I’m going to be an auntie!  My little sister (Rachel) is just over 14 weeks, expecting a healthy baby—which I fully anticipate to be a girl.  I’ve known about the bun for quite some time.  In fact, about two weeks after she found out, I found out.  It’s tough being so far away from my only sister with such exciting news, so I did what one does in this situation: I hopped into a car and went home (cause I needed to touch the barely there bump).

photo 2

Since I have been baby-crazy for the last five years (okay, my whole life) I am so excited for this news and so excited to share it with you all.  I already love Baby R so much and I know it will only grow.  My sister has been a champ (I can only hope it runs in the family).  She’s had only one bout of morning sickness and has really just been fighting fatigue.  She looks great and is making this appear a tad too easy.  As you would imagine, I’m mentally planning trips home, baby showers and an extended vacation near the due date.

Oh… and a big shout out to my brother (-in-law) Adam who had a big hand in making this whole thing happen.

photo 3


(Hi little baby)


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