I like to take the beginning of January to compile my list of New Years Resolutions. I was just telling a friend this week that I like to ruminate on the feeling of possibility and subsequently see what shakes loose as a priority. 

I know people have a lot of feelings about the resolutions which inevitably accompany a new year. I can see the argument for both sides and I am firmly in camp ‘it’s an individual preference.’ Personally, I love resolutions. Not because I’m especially successful with them, but more because I enjoy making lists and being introspective. The way that I look at resolutions is more as a theme for the upcoming year; who do I want to be in the year to come? 

Today I reread my 2015 resolutions. While I was about 50% “successful” it was nice to reflect on the priorities I had at the beginning of 2015. Some themes are the same from year to year (weight loss/healthy living) while some really show my focus in that moment (make purchases with intent/learn how to use my DSLR). 

I’ll share some of the resolutions I have this year here and whether you have resolutions of your own or even if you simply resolve to be your best in 2016, I’ll say I hope we’re all successful in the days, weeks, and months to come. 


2 thoughts on “2016.

  1. Ryan, I love the part “I enjoy making lists and being introspective.” I admire that you do that. Why? Because in my mind it takes a certain kind of courage (yes I did say courage) to make a list of goals a person wants to achieve and really look at them and give serious thought to each one. Especially ones that could be life altering. Stepping out of the comfort zone long enough to look at our lives from a distance is scary. Especially when some aspects of our lives are so familiar and comfortable. Why rock the boat? Once again, your words have resonated with me and made me think of things I’ve experienced. You deserve the very best Ryan, and that’s what I wish for you in 2016. Happy New Year!

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